What to Expect:

Before you Arrive:

 - Ensure that your 5 to 7 minutes early to fill out new client forms.  These are required.  If your arriving right on time it will come from your appointment time.

​- Dress comfortably if possible.  This is obviously not required however it does make it more comfortable.

​ - If possible remove any makeup, spray tan or shower before you come.  I do not have shower facilities for customer use.

New Clients

  • Initial Greet: Upon arrival, if you have not already filled out the new client forms you will be required to fill those out.
  • Consultation:  After Step 1 we will go into the treatment room.  There we will discuss what your expecting from your treatment.  Areas your wanting treated and areas that need focus will be discussed.  If your only visiting for relaxation then always mention you specifically want treated.  Each therapists full body treatment is different.
  • Treatment:  I will leave the room, you will need to disrobe and hop on the table.  Disrobe only what your comfortable removing based on what we discussed in the consultation.  Once your on the table I will come back in and treat the area’s your wanting.  I will only undrape each area of the body being worked on at that time.  Please during this phase let me know if pressure is to little or to much and I can adjust it accordingly.
  • Post Treatment:  I will leave the room and provide you with time to hop up from the table and get dressed.  Please feel free to use the sheets to remove any oil on yourself.  Once your dressed come on out and we can finish up with the payment.  

Please Remember:  The treatment may be ended at any time by the patient or the therapist if either become uncomfortable for any reason!

Before you book:

Relax and Enjoy.

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​Daniel J. Fevreau, RMT

- If your coming for anything other then relaxation it’s best to ensure that Massage Therapy is for you.  Check with your Doctor!
 - If you have a specific condition that is related directly to an injury ensure you bring a doctors note specifying that massage is the recommended treatment.  I do not offer any treatments related to SGI or WCB claims!  If your injury is related to those things your not able to see anyone other then an SGI or WCB therapist.
 - If direct billing make sure you bring your benefit card & credit card.  Contact me before to ensure that I am able to direct bill for you.  Also ensure your aware of what your plan fully covers, this information is not available to third party billers.

Here to provide top quality massage therapy you need and deserve!